”Videocon: OPS-SAT - Your code, our mission”
(December 2020, OSCW20) watch talk

“Presentation: OPS-SAT - Experimenter Satellite Operations”
(December 2020, OSCW20) download presentation

”Satellite Operations Automation: OPS-SAT Pass Sequence”
(8 December 2020, ESOC) download presentation

”Space operations engineering through the eyes of an electronics engineer”
(November 2020, UHasselt FIIW) view slides

”ESA’s OPS-SAT Mission: Powered by GNU Radio”
(September 2020, GRCon20) watch talk full track

”Quantum Electronics at 30 km, a stratospheric balloon mission in the Arctic”
(December 2018, KU Leuven) view slides


”Besuch im Raumfahrtkontrollzentrum der ESA”
(May 2022, Politopia Magazin on Radio X 91.8 FM) listen to Radio interview

”Life as an ESA YGT: Mission Operations Concept Engineer”
(February 2021, ESA) read interview

”OPS-SAT: The Flying Laboratory”
(December 2019, ESA TV) watch interview