2019 ESA - EISC Space Sustainability Award, Special Mention of the Jury
This renowned European prize is targeting young professionals under 30 with Project Ideas which will enable the space sector to raise awareness among the younger generations and professionals, and contribute to furthering the debate on various topics that focus on sustainability.

2019 IEEE Arctic Challenge
Selected paper in the framework of innovative technologies using space resources to benefit Earth. Proposal received funding from IEEE New Initiatives Committee (NIC) and the Geoscience Remote Sensing Society.

2018 ESA/ESEO First European Reporter
ESA Academy confirmed in 2018 I was the first European to have reported a signal from ESEO, the European Student Earth Orbiter microsatellite, launched by a SpaceX Falcon 9 launch vehicle from Vandenberg Air Force Base.

2014 Peter Heller Talent Award
2014 PXL-Tech Award
Awarded for most innovative technical project TSO section. Mobile Adaptive Radio System.